Lightness. Crystal-clear water

Your wellness hotel
with pool in Obergurgl

Immersion. Release. Let yourself drift and be touched by the charming panoramic scenery. Our wellness hotel and pool in Obergurgl offers three different ways to sweeten your day with a little weightlessness. Each of our pools is unique. Seductive in their own ways, they invite you to forget everyday life for a while.
The 6 x 15 metre indoor swimming pool in our wellness hotel in Obergurgl invites you to swim laps. And in a well-tempered 28 to 30°C. You can enjoy the combination of pool, mountains and magical sunsets in our 30 to 32°C outdoor pool, while the relaxation pool in the sauna world, accessible for people 14 years and up, at our wellness hotel in Obergurgl gently carries you along at 31 to 33°C.

Spa Opening Hours

Pool area
7 am - 8 pm
outdoor pool from 2 pm
9 am - 8 pm
The Gym
7 am - midnight
Sauna world
2 pm - 8 pm
in case of bad weather from 11 am
Panorama sauna
3 pm - 8 pm
Textile sauna
10.30 am – 8 pm
Winter experience.